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Welcome to the Beaver Valley Real Estate website! 
Where you will find fantastic properties for sale in the Beaver Valley and surrounding areas including Kimberley, Wodehouse, Heathcote, Ravenna, Duncan, Eugenia, Lake Eugenia, and more.

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The Beaver Valley has incredible richness in all of its corners. Offering captivating views of the Niagara Escarpment, this trail brings you through such places as Old Baldy, local falling water, and other beautiful lookouts.Artists flourish in this area, creating beautiful masterpieces that area residents, as well as, tourists can appreciate and purchase.  Types of art include glasswork, woodwork, textile handiwork, paintings done in oil and acrylic, glass beading, and a wide spectrum of photography.   

Bird watching, cycling, hiking, paddling, and skiing/snowboarding are some of the main recreational activities that the Beaver Valley is known for.

Some Points of Interest in the Beaver Valley




Map of the Beaver Valley

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Nearby Schools:

Macphail Memorial Elementary School
    Location: Flesherton (15km from Kimberley)

Beaver Valley Community School
Location: Thornbury (23km from Kimberley)

Grey Highlands Secondary School
Location: Flesherton  (15km from Kimberley)

Fire Departments:
Grey Highlands Fire & Emergency Services Station 1
Location: Flesherton (15km from Kimberley)

Grey Highlands Fire & Emergency Services Station 2
Location: Markdale (17km from Kimberley)

Local Hospitals:
Meaford General Hospital
Location: Meaford (26km from Kimberley )

Markdale Hospital
Location: Markdale (16km from Kimberley )